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MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Sep 27 03:24:19 NZST 2003

On 2003-09-26 15:48:16 +0100 Joshua Ferraro 
<jferraro at alma.athenscounty.lib.oh.us> wrote:

> I updated CVS on our test machine and tested it out...looks fixed to 
> me.
> The barcode is now displayed as the default userid when changing a 
> patron's
> password and that seems to work fine.

I think you got bit by the infamous sourceforge CVS lag.  I did that 
in one commit, then decided I was mad and changed it to not do that.  
This is why you don't understand me.  The current CVS code cannot 
change the userid to be an empty string.  I think that is the right 

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