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I guess what we have to analyze ... "is Koha doing something non standard 
that impacts the integrity of the MARC record? "  if so perhaps the non standard 
information needs to  be at the end of the record past where the MARC data is 
kept? if there is no area present perhaps one needs to  be created  as a 

Just a thought....

Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC

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> Greg Lambert/Amigos said:
> > As I was reviewing the bulkmarcimport I noticed that the 090 MARC field is
> > used by Koha as the ITEMTYPE fields.
> >
> > In the MARC data I am importing, the 090 "a" and "b" subfields are
> > assigned
> > local LC call numbers.
> >
> > Since Koha assigns  "a" as Koha Itemtype (NR)
> >                                          "b" as Koha Dewey Subclass (NR)
> >                                          "c" as Koha biblionumber (NR)
> >                                          "d" as Koha biblioitemnumber (NR)
> >
> > What will happen to my original 090a and 090b fields?  Will they still be
> > in the database?  If so, will this cause item "issues"?
> >
> > My limited cataloging knowledge tells me that the 001 field is used for
> > the
> > item number information (at least in the colleges I've worked).  Is that
> > not the case with MARC21?
> >
> >
> > Thanks!
> > -Greg
> Hmmm.  Do you mean your existing MARC records use an 090 field?  Koha has
> to store some important non-MARC information, primarily the biblionumber,
> biblioitemnumber and the itemtype, in the MARC record in order to
> interface with the "old" Koha databases.  The 090 tag was chosen because
> neither MARC21 nor Unimarc define any use for this tag, so it was
> considered to be "safe."  If you have existing MARC records that have data
> in an 090 tag, then you have a problem.  You could move the data to a new
> tag using MARC::Record.
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Thanks Ed Sharpe, Archivist for SMECC

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