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Bigwood, David said:
> TK5105.888. D35 2000 is the Library of Congress Classification number. The
> 1st part goes into field 050 subfield a, D35 2000 goes in subfield b. If
> you
> use that as your call number it may also go in field 852, which contains
> local copy information.
> 005.7'2 --dc21 is the Dewey Classification number. The 1st part goes in
> field 082 subfield a. dc21 specifies which edition is being used and goes
> in
> subfield 2. If you use Dewey for your call numbers it would also go in
> field
> 852.

William, Koha works best with Dewey.  You'll probably want to map the
actual number part of the Dewey number to Koha field 'dewey' in the
biblioitems table.  In the same table, you can map anything that comes
after the number (the first few letters of an author's name is a common
example) to the 'subclass' field in the same table.  And if you have
anything before the number (like 'J' for Juvenile, or 'LP' for Large
Print), that can go in the 'classification' field.  I believe that's the
way Horowhenua Library Trust (http://www.library.org.nz) does it.

In the case of Nelsonville Public Library, the actual call number used by
the library was stored in a holdings tag, but in a 952 tag, not the 852
tag.  Many ILS programs use the option of 9xx tags to store holdings
information, because these tags are more flexible than the
closely-regulated 852 tags.  So at NPL (http://www.athenscounty.lib.oh.us)
the entire call number was mapped to the 'classification' field as the
data was migrated from the old system to Koha.  I'm not sure how the call
numbers at Unido (http://www.unido.org) are stored -- they may have used
yet another method.

One word of warning -- if you decide to map the call number from an
existing holdings tag, you will need to split the existing tag into two
tags, so you can map one to the items table and the other to fields in the
biblioitems table.  This isn't too hard to do with MARC::Record.

By the way, the little ' in the Dewey number from LC (005.7'2) is not part
of the number.  It's an indication of the appropriate spot to truncate the
call number if you don't want to use the whole thing.

Stephen Hedges
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> The - is dropped from the LC Control number when it is entered in field
> 010.
> Sincerely,
> David Bigwood
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> Subject: [Koha] LCCN, group
> Hi!
> I'm not a librarian so I don't know which is which...
> I'm entering items into the system (2.0pre2) with simple aquisition and
> was wondering about the LCCN field.
> Eg. a book:  Consumer-Effective web sites by Jodie Dalgleish
> inside the book I can see:    ISBN -0-13-087827-8
> and more numbers underneath:    TK5105.888. D35 2000
>                     005.7'2--dc21                00-029128
> Looking it up in the Library of Congresss online catalog, I understand
> that   TKxxxx is Call Number  while  00-029128  is LC Control Number.
> If LC Control Number goes into the LCCN field, which field can I enter
> the other info (Call Number)?
> How about 005.7'2 --dc21 ?   Would this be the Dewey number and if so,
> how should this be entered?  Is there any part which goes into the Dewey
> sub?
> Lastly, how do I make use of the Group when adding items into the
> system?
> Thanks!
> God bless you.
> William
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