[Koha] Very small library, low-end hardware

Rich Churcher rmch at xtra.co.nz
Fri Sep 5 21:01:39 NZST 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 15:54, Larry Stamm wrote: 
> My testing box at home is a 266Mhz AMD K-2 with 160Mb RAM. 
> While I wouldn't exactly call it speedy, it serves up most
> pages in less than a second with a database of 14,000 +
> entries to search through.

The school does have a 700 MHz PC, but I doubt they'd want to install
Linux on it, and I don't trust Windows + Apache.  Their library
computers are apparently 100 MHz, which is probably pushing it.  I'm
sure there must be somewhere around here that's selling cheap
second-hand or ex-office equipment that might donate some of it to a
good cause.

My preferred distribution is Gentoo, which can achieve quite a minimal
console install when asked, though I've yet to try it on a low-end
system.  I know someone with a spare 266 MHz box, I might do a trial
install and see how it goes.  There's always Knoppix :o)

The conversion from Catalist sounds promising.  I would appreciate any
and all information people are able to give me regarding this, scripts
via private mail if possible.  Thanks so much for all your input... this
should be an interesting experiment.  Looks like I might have to take
the time to learn Perl (where's my camel book?)


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