[Koha] MARC importing tool?

paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Wed Aug 13 20:31:21 NZST 2003

Stephen Hedges wrote:

>John, if your file is in the standard iso2709 MARC format, you can use 
>bulkmarcimport.pl found in the intranet/scripts/misc
>directory of the MARC version (currently 1.9.x) of Koha.
No, wrong suggestion.
If you use bulkmarcimport, you include items from LoC. and if there are 
no items, you include item-less biblios into Koha. That is a very bad 
idea imho, as borrowers could be happy to find a book, then unhappy when 
they see that the book is not really here.

The good solution is to enter the books in the "breeding farm". It's a 
place where biblios are stored, waiting for inclusion into "active DB". 
When you catalogue, if you choose "New biblio" (with MARC=on in 
parameters), you can enter a title or an ISBN to search into the 
breeding farm before creating the biblio. Next screen is the list of 
biblios you have in your active DB (in case you forgot you already had 
it), and the list of correspounding biblios in your breeding farm. If 
you find what you need, click, and next screen is Biblio Editor, filled 
with biblio imported from breeding farm. Here you can complete/modify 
the biblio, then create items.

That's the right way to use biblios from a z3950 site imho. That how I 
did for Dombe Abbey with 40 000 biblios from BNC (Canada)

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