[Koha] Modifications in PHP?

Erik Stainsby eriksta at vpl.ca
Sat Aug 2 07:25:02 NZST 2003

On August 1, 2003 12:00 pm, Owen Leonard wrote:
> Top of my Perl+PHP wishlist:  Dynamic navigation which recognize which
> page you're on and build the appropriate menus.
>   -- Owen
> Nelsonville Public Library
> Koha 2.0.0-pre2-R2

This is interesting featurality to my mind.  Where would you like to see 
the definitions of the menu elements stored?  In the database, or as text 
files (xml, say) to be dynamically reassembled on demand?
I could probably sketch up an implementation for you, if you like.  Feel 
free to contact me off-list, if you'ld like to talk further.

Erik Stainsby
erik.stainsby at modern-alchemy.net
Modern Alchemy
a Library Design firm

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