paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Wed Jul 30 20:38:26 NZST 2003

Greg Lambert/Amigos wrote:

>I have a suggestion and then a question:
>Suggestion:  There is a nice little MARC editor you can download for
>Windows at http://oregonstate.edu/~reeset/marcedit/html/downloads.html  --
>this will format your data correctly.
>Question:  I am brand-spankin' new to Koha and have 2.0.0pre2 running on a
>Redhat 9.0 box.  I have 28,000 MARC records to load and would love it if
>someone could point me to any instructions that would help me load these
>records....  :-)
search for bulkmarcimport.pl script. Launch ./bulkmarcimport.pl in a 
console, and watch options.
Note that BEFORE using bulkmarcimport, you MUST adapt your Koha MARC 
setup to YOUR MARC records (Items is the biggest/trickyest part)

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