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Tuesday, July 29, 2003	  15:34 CDT

Hi, all,

Paul/Rahayu, the record that was given as an example might be a valid MARC
record and iso2709 file that's being dumped through an OCLC filter (the
structure at the beginning anyway, combining the LEADER, 001, 005, and 008
elements is typical of them).

This means you should be able to get it over to Koha.

What system are you using, Rahayu? Can you export a raw MARC record?

If you view a MARC record outside of an ILS or MARC editor, it will be a
string of alphanumerics, with a lot of numbers at the beginning (the matrix
for recompiling it into fields and subfields: For an explanation of how a
MARC record is structured, surf to 
URL <http://www.loc.gov/marc/umb/um11to12.html> ).

The real (raw) MARC record from Library of Congress record for the book you
used as an example looks like this: 

01153cam  2200301 a

(BTW, no spaces were added or deleted to this example, so if you were to
select the above text and dump it back into a text editor file, you would
have a valid MARC21 record again.)

Anyway, if you can get whatever system you're using to export records so
that they look like the above in a simple text editor, you can get them
over to Koha.

Hope this helps. Don't give up on your data or Koha yet., ;-)


Steven F. Baljkas
library tech at large
Koha neophyte
Winnipeg, MB  CANADA

paul POULAIN <paul.poulain at free.fr> wrote:
>rahayu rms wrote:
>> Hi.....
>> I have installed koha Koha - V2.0.0pre2. on windows and successfully 
>> run. But I have problem to import 5000 marc record into koha. I would 
>> like to test koha using our data.
>> Anybody know how to transfer data using marc record.These are sample 
>> data.Is it in the correct format?.I need some help.I hope somebody
>> can explain how to do it & how the format?
>> Rec stat:	n
>> Entered:    20021020       Replaced:    20021020
>> Type:  a	ELvl:  1     Srce:  a	  Audn:        Ctrl:	    
>> Lang:  eng
>> BLvl:  m	Form:	     Conf:  0	  Biog:        MRec:	    
>> Ctry:  xxk
>>		Cont:	     GPub:	  Fict:  0     Indx:  0
>> Desc:  a	Ills:	     Fest:  0	  DtSt:  e     Dates: 2002,
>> ÿ040    ßc KUI
>> ÿ020    0471126500
>> ÿ050    HG4751 ßb .C36 2002
>> ÿ090    HG4751 ßb .C36 2002
>> ÿ049    KUIM
>> ÿ100 1  Camp, Justin J.
>> ÿ245 10 Venture capital due diligence ßb a guide to making smart 
>> investment
>> choices and increasing your portfolio returns ßc Justin J. Camp
>> ÿ260    New York : ßb John wiley : ßc 2002
>> ÿ300    xi, 258p. : ßc 24cm
>> ÿ504    Includes bibliographical references and index
>> ÿ650  0 Venture capital
>> Ü650  0 Rate of return
>> Ü999    000010424
>Is it a dump of your imported file ?
>If yes, then it's not iso2709 file, so can't work. Koha handles only 
>iso2709, which is the standard anyway :-)
>Consultant indépendant en logiciels libres
>responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)
3133.0020308s2002    nyu      b    001 0 eng d 
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copyxpolicy default  aps10 2002-03-08 to SSCDise02 2002-03-11; se00
recd copy 2 2002-03-15cse03 2002-03-22ese03 03-22-02 To Deweyaaa19
2002-04-08  a  2002277403  aGBA1-U8291  a0471126500 
a(OCoLC)ocm48362961  aUKMcUKMdJBOdDLC  alccopycat00aHG4751b.C36
200200a332.67/2532211 aCamp, Justin J.10aVenture capital due
diligence :ba guide to making smart investment choices and increasing your
portfolio returns /cJustin Camp.  aNew York :bWiley,c2002.  axi, 258
p. ;c24 cm. 0aWiley finance series	aIncludes bibliographical
references (p. 227-246) and index. 0aVenture capital. 0aRate of
return.413Table of

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