[Koha] can koha calculate fines?

rahayu rms ayunnisa82 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 28 15:42:18 NZST 2003


1. I am using koha v1.2.3 on windows.The problem is can Koha calculate fines 
  if items on issue are overdue?When I return the borrower item which are 
overdue there is no fines or charges. As you said before, fines are worked 
out on the basis of borrower type and item type  and it is like a matrix. I 
don't understand..What do you mean 'like a matrix'.Can you explain more on 

2. Can I change cardnumber default using our own member number which have 7 
characters for student and 4 characters for staff?

Using a handphone prepaid card? Reload your credit online! 

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