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Derek Dresser Derek.Dresser at gouldacademy.org
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Quoting Larry Stamm <larry at larrystamm.com>:

> Derek Dresser <Derek.Dresser at gouldacademy.org> writes:
>     > Is there an already defined option to extract the "item" data from
>     > the MARC 852 field (I believe from some responses that I have
>     > received that this is a fairly standard location for the "item"
>     > data).  Any help or additional information would be appreciated.
>     > Perhaps there is a way for me to rewrite my MARC data so that that
>     > information will be read properly?
> Hi Derek,
> No, you have to define the mappings from the marc fields to the items
> table yourself.  This is done in from the Koha intranet interface, going
> to the Parameters link, and then to the "Links Koha-MARC DB" link, and
> then to the items tab from the drop-down menu.  Then you start mapping
> the koha items table column names to MARC subfields.
> Note that _all_ of these mappings have to be in the subfields of the
> same MARC field, so that if you are using the 852 field (as our library
> is) then all the needed items table columns will need to be mapped to
> 852 subfields.
> The mapping that I am trying at the moment is:
> items.itemnumber -> 852 f (arbitrary mapping - no data in this subfield
> in the original MARC record of our old system )
> items.multivolumepart -> 852 m
> items.barcode         -> 852 p
> items.dateaccessioned -> 852 8
> items.homebranch      -> 852 a (arbitrary mapping)
> items.price           -> 852 9
> items.itemnotes       -> 852 z
> items.holdingbranch   -> 852 b (arbitrary mapping)
> Your mappings might have to be slightly different depending on where
> your current MARC records are storing data.  Since many of our library's
> records were entered by hand, I am having to "fix and reconstitute" the
> MARC database to standardize the entries.  This is not proving to be an
> easy job to catch every error.
> The rest of the columns in the items tables are left unmapped for now.
> In addition, you have to go to the "MARC tag structure" link under
> Parameters and change the tab value of all the subfields used in the
> items table to "items(10)", except for the tab value of items.itemnumber
> which should be set to "-1(ignore)" since this value will be
> autoincremented by the bulkmarcimport script and should not read any
> values that might inadvertently be in your MARC records that you are
> trying to import.
> Then go back to the main Parameters page, and click the "MARC Check"
> link.  This will check all your MARC-Koha mappings to see if they are
> valid. If there are errors, it will point them out and you need to fix
> them before trying to use the bulkmarcimport script.  Once you get an
> error free message from "MARC-Check", then you should be good to use
> bulkmarcimport.  Remember to use the "-d" option to delete the previous
> entries.
> Once you get the biblio data into the items tables, the circulation data
> from your old system can be extracted and added to the table if you
> want.  You will probably have to write your own script to automate this,
> since each library system seems to store its circulation data in a
> lightly different fashion.
> I find the bulkmarcimport script to be interminably slow, entering only
> about 6000 items per hour on our 950 MHz CPU server running Mandrake
> 9.0.  It is not much slower on my 266 MHZ home machine that I am using
> as a test machine.  Because I have to enter all 15,000 items from our
> collection to really test for errors in my MARC "munging", it means
> another 2 1/2 hr wait to load up all the items again after fixing a
> mistake before testing.  I might get frustrated enough to try my hand at
> writing a faster upload script...

this is ENORMOUSLY helpful.  Thank you.  I am getting closer.  I still have 
one error when I run MARC Check.

ALL items fields MUST :

be mapped to the same tag,
and they must all be in the 10 (items) tab

here is my mapping.

items.itemnumber  -> 852f (arbitrary)
items.barcode     -> 852p
items.homebranch  -> 852a (arbitrary)
items.itemnotes   -> 852z (arbitrary)
items.holdingbranch -> 852b (arbitrary)

I did set all the items fields to "item(10)" except for items.itemnumber 
which is set to -1 "ignore"

The only actual fields that seem to be used in my data are
852h - call number
852p - bar code

anything obvious that I'm missing?  Also, where is the call number supposed 
to end up?  by call number, I think I mean dewey number and local call 
number.  It looks like this in my data  
_h016.9733 C475m

Thanks again.  With your help, I'm getting closer.


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