Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Wed Jul 16 17:00:41 NZST 2003


> 1. I am using Koha v1.2.3. I have try to request books and issue on the item
> request.But the problem is koha cannot calculate the fines & charges although
> the items on issue are overdue date.I hope somebody can help me.

Do you get an error?

Where are you looking for the fines information? does it show up anywhere?

Fines are worked out on the basis of borrower type and item type - I think it 
is like a matrix, so have you checked that your borrowers and items both incurr 

For example staff don't get fines usually

Are you using 1.23 on Windows or Linux?

> 2. I still confuse about format for a marc import file. Anybody can explain what
> is ISO2709 format file and give some examples about it?

If you want to use MARC you might be better using the new MARC friendly version 
of Koha - rather that 1.2.3 which has no concept of MARC really.



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