Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Mon Jul 14 12:39:58 NZST 2003


> 1. I am using koha v1.2.3. I try to add item using ISBN number.When I try to
> search the item its working  but the item count for that item is 0. So user
> cannot make a request for the item because it is not reservable. Anybody know
> what happened?

Do you have an item number/barcode for your item?

It sounds to me like you have made a biblio record, but perhaps not completed 
the acquisitions process through to making an actual item?

I think that you can't reserve a biblio if you don't have a proper item for it. 
This is a bug.

> 2. Koha also cannot calculate the overdue charges.I hope somebody can help me.

You probably need to supply a bit more on that one


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