[Koha] How do I log into the intranet for the first time?

Ben Hall koha at benality.net
Sat Jul 12 18:55:16 NZST 2003

All and sundry,

I've just setup Koha for the first time.  My opac system is running ok but when 
I access the koha (intranet) system I get stuck at the koha login page.  In the 
installation notes it mentions that I should "add some users to the users table 
in the koha database".  I have done this but I still can't log in.  

Is the password encrypted using md5 hashes or something?  

Also, the installation notes mention using "AuthenDBI" and "editing your apache 
conf file" to get the authentication working.  I've searched the internet for 
some help on setting up "AuthenDBI" for apache but I couldn't find anything.  

Could someone send me an example apache conf that uses the "AuthenDBI" and 
maybe a related insert statement for the mysql users table?
Any help would be very much appreciated.

Ben Hall

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