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Derek Dresser Derek.Dresser at gouldacademy.org
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> >Paul ... any ideas?
> >  
> >
> Of course yes :-)
> If you want import to put items into items table, you have to tell Koha 
> where are hidden your items in your MARC datas...
> Let me explain :
> Koha supports any MARC flavour. And each MARC flavour hides items in a 
> different place (for example in UNIMARC, it's 995. For NPL, that uses 
> MARC21, it's 952)
> * Go to parameter section of Koha, MARC parameters tables.
> * Search for the field where items are hidden (for example 947)
> * Open subfields of field 947.
> * "map" each 947 subfield to a items.something field.
> * Put each subfield you've mapped to tab "items".
> * go back to main parameter page
> * run "checkmarc". If it reports no errors, you've win.
> * import again, using delete flag to empty your database during the 
> Hope This Helps

Hi, I've got a few questions and some more info.  First of all, my data is 
in MicroLIF format, which is apparently basically USMARC from what I 
understand.  I am using the MARC21 parameters at install time.  I looked at 
the MARC records in Winnebago, and it seems that 
the "hidden" data is in the 852 field.  However, it appears that the only 
data in that field is the call number and bar code, while the MARC Check 
requires that I map itemnumber, barcode, homebranch and holdingbranch at a 
minimum I think (and all within the 852 field).

It seems like the import works fine for the biblios and biblioitems.  Should 
I just extract the barcode and call number afterwards and populate the items 
table separately?  If so, should I use the barcode number for the item 
number, or just start with 1 and go up sequentially?  How can I solve this 
problem so it will be the most useful for others in the long run?  Does it 
make sense to have another import type "MicroLIF", or "Winnebago"?  Thanks 
in advance for any ideas.  I have included a small piece of my data again, 
in case it is useful.


00623pam  2200181 a 
  85023778 ^^851129s1986    nyu      b    00010 eng  ^^  ^_a0025003402^^0 
^_aAZ221^_b.A35 1986^^0 ^_a001.2^_219^^10^_aAdler, Mortimer 
Jerome,^_d1902-^^12^_aA guidebook to le\arning :^_bfor a lifelong pursuit of 
wisdom /^_cMortimer J. Adler.^^0 ^_aNew York :^_bMacmillan ;^_aLondon 
:^_bCollier Macmillan,^_cc1986.^^  ^_axii, 163 p. ;^_c22 cm.^^  ^_a"Som\e 
books that may be helpful to autodidacts": p. 161-163.^^ 0^_aLearning and 
scholarship.^^1 ^_h001.2 Ad59g^_p10001^^WL^_t6^^^]00600pam  2200205 a 
  84028794 ^^841231s198\5    nyua     b    00110 eng  ^^  ^_a0716717174 
(pbk.)^^  ^_a071671695X (hard)^^0 ^_aQA276.12^_b.M66 1985^^0 
^_a001.4/22^_219^^10^_aMoore, David S.^^10^_aStatistics :^_bconcepts \and 
controversies /^_cDavid S. Moore.^^  ^_a2nd ed.^^0 ^_aNew York :^_bW.H. 
Freeman,^_cc1985.^^  ^_axvii, 350 p. :^_bill. ;^_c24 cm.^^  ^_aIncludes 
bibliographies and index.^^ 0^\_aStatistics.^^1 ^_h001.422 

> Note : the main constraint is that all MARC subfields mapped to item 
> field MUST be in the same field (you can't have a part of an item into 
> 947 & 2nd part in 935). If you have, then the only solution is to 
> "rewritte" your MARC data before importing. We have a problem with 
> itemtypes, that is not in items in Koha but seems to have it's place in 
> there, that's what we will speak during today IRC meeting.
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