[Koha] Installer Problem with 2.0.0rc1

Luke Ottrey luke at purplelion.net
Sat Jul 5 11:45:53 NZST 2003

Hi All,

Sorry to bother -

Noted that when I recently installed Koha on my redhat box the other
night that I made a few typing mistakes in the installer.
Naturally, I backspaced and corrected - but noted that the koha.httpd
(or whatever it is called) had the hat (^) through them etc - and
suspect this was due to my backspacing - I'm not too sure.

Maybe this was a freak accident.

Being a relative linux newbie, I'm not really wishing to go an reinstall
right now to try and reproduce - can someone please verify?

Sorry to bother you all - I feel really bad noting issues, but not
contributing myself.

Take care of yourselves - and to the development and QA team, thank-you
for such an excellent product to date!



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