[Koha] RE: Installing Koha

Nicolas Morin nicolas.morin at scd.uhp-nancy.fr
Fri Jun 27 04:36:56 NZST 2003

Le mar 24/06/2003 à 01:16, baljkas at mb.sympatico.ca a écrit :
> Monday, June 23, 2003	18:10 CDT
> RE: Paul's retorte (emphasis added):
> >Note, also, that i've a problem with "one click install". Even if we 
> >could install Koha in 1 click, that would be (almost) useless imho.
> >why ?
> >*** Because it requires some PARAMETERS setups (branches, budgets, 
> >z3950 server, MARC parameters tuning...) that MUST be done in order to 
> >see what Koha can do.
> >and this task CAN'T BE AVOIDED. ***
> I've worked with 6 different ILS, and reviewed more than a dozen in
> 1997-1998 as part of a volunteer project for an NPO, and NOT A ONE featured
> a one-click-all-install for the very reasons that Paul gave.

I could had that I don't know of a single library that installed their
ILS on their own; and I don't think libraries in general expect to do
so, with Koha or any other ILS (I certainly don't) - what's more: I
think librarians strongly expect to have a company maintaining the
system for them, and would certainly greatly hesitate to hop on the Koha
bandwagon if they thought they might be left on their own, for the
install or any other problem thereafter.
But it is true, though, that a slightly easier install would make it
easier for libraries to give Koha a try : as librarians we won't pay to
get support just to "try" the software; but then this is one of Koha's
great advantage : it can be downloaded, install and tested. To make the
install easier would allow us to give more prominence to this decisive

Nicolas Morin

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