[Koha] Ding, ding... koha 1.9.3 just arrived at sourceforge airport. Welcome onboard

Paul Gear paul at gear.dyndns.org
Sat Jun 21 00:41:07 NZST 2003

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paul POULAIN wrote:
> This release add a lot of bugfixes, a 1st z3950 support, and a
> script for migration from previous ILS.
> ...
> z3950 :
> ---------
> * the z3950 script in admin part of Koha has been fixed and can be
> used and translated.
> * z3950 cataloguing : when you reach the MARC-cataloguing screen, a
> new link appear : z3950 search.
> * If you click on this link, a popup appears, and the search begins.
> The window is refreshed every 2 seconds, until all servers answered.
> * The avaible records are shown in the popup. Click on the one you
> want, and... the popup closes and the biblio is copied in the
> cataloguing screen.
> This works ONLY IF the z3950 daemon is launched. It's located at
> $kohadir/scripts/z3950daemon/
> * MODIFY the scripts to fit you directory structure.
> * Warning : due to a small bug, processqueue is in
> $kohadir/cgi-bin/z3950/ directory, not in the script one.
> * Start daemon in a non-X shell, or launch processqueue in a shell,
> ...

The z3950 support doesn't seem to work for me.  When i go to
../cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/addbooks.pl, i get the following text:

Tools for importing a MARC record from a z39.50 server
   [z39.50 Search Tool]   does not work

The text in brackets is a hyperlink.  Despite the warning, i clicked
it anyway.  :-)   This takes me to
.../cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/marcimport.pl?menu=z3950, which doesn't
seem to have anything to do with z3950.  It starts with this text:

MARC acquisition system
Import into the breeding farm

   * Select a file to import into the breeding farm. It will be
   parsed, and for each ISBN found, a new baby will be created in the
   breeding farm.

I'll try to look into this and see what's going on (the
processz3950queue process seems to be running correctly).  Just wanted
to give you a "heads up".

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