[Koha] RE: perl modules

Erik Stainsby erik.stainsby at modern-alchemy.net
Thu Jun 19 03:58:20 NZST 2003


I have got koha installed and running on RH9, although I had some frustrations 
gettting it to go.   The CPAN issue you are facing is likely related to the 
terminal being utf-8 capable.  

The new CPAN config process (first time start up) asks a question about the 
language encoding that your terminal is capable of. Answer this question 
wrong and CPAN will not work, translating characters outside the ASCII range 
incorrectly. (Many CPAN authors have Euro characters in their packages in the 
author's name.)  

The correct answer to the config question (paraphrased here from memory):
"Is your terminal UTF-8 capable?"  is to answer in the affirmative for RH9 
(and it seems the script is case-sensitive here as well).

Further, CPAN helpfully advises you to upgrade the Bundle::CPAN. 
DON'T DO IT!   ExtUtils::Makemaker will corrupt, rendering the CPAN tool 
useless.  CPAN 1.6.1 is fine.

Also of note, the Yaz z39.50 toolkit has a different set of installer files 
for RH9.  There are four rpm files required, plus an optional src file.
Get at least the four non-src rpms from:
These must be installed before the Net::Z39.50 package can be built.

Database.pm is a Koha package, part of the install.  It will be located in the 
<koha>/C4  directory.


Erik Stainsby
Modern Alchemy

On June 18, 2003 03:11 am, Jones, Steven wrote:
> template was missing, i got that installed, I have a PAN.pm I cant locate,
> Database.pm I have in a Mysql cluster from CPAN but wont compile as another
> perl module wont link to / register with perl.
> Net::Z3950 seems optional, it failed for some reason so I left it.
> Has anyone got koha going on rh9?
> Steven

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