[Koha] Barcodes?

paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Wed May 21 03:42:10 NZST 2003

Timothy R. Butler wrote:

>  I believe someone here recommended KBarcode to me awhile back for barcode 
>printing. So, I have a small question -- if I'm using KBarcode, is there 
>anyway to link it to the existing data in the Koha database (rather than 
>using seperate data) so that I can have the label data automagically filled?
>  Is there perhaps another way I could do this if not?
>  Thanks,
>       Tim
I recommended kbarcode.
kbarcode uses a mySQL DB, so in theory it should be possible to do this 
with a script. But you're the 1st to have this idea, so the script does 
not exist :-)

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