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Lucia Phillip LPhillip at nalis.gov.tt
Wed May 21 01:10:40 NZST 2003


I am a librarian with the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago. With help from Rob Weir I was able to install Koha on a WindowsXP although I would very much like to use Linux in the future  but at the moment I am completely unfamiliar with it. 
I am very excited over the possiblilities that it offers to libraries with limited resources although it compares very favourably with many integrated library management systems. I would like to implement it in one of the smaller libraries in our system but I am trying to understand it fully. 
Many of our libraries have MARC databases in the CDS/ISIS or the Windows version Winisis  application. My main concern was being able to import records from their present system to Koha. I have been successful in exporting their records as an ISO file and importing them into Koha. With version 1.2.3 the importationit works well as  with 1.9.2. However, in 1.9.2 the MARC worksheet displays only the 000s,100s and 200s. Is this one of the bugs to be corrected or is their a later version that I should install. Also, I could not find the option to create a record using a simple worksheet in version 1.9.2.
Which version should I try a test run with?
Lucia Phillip
Systems Librarian
National Library and Information System Authority

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