[Koha] problems with koha on windows

Brian Harmon bp_harmon at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 18:00:33 NZST 2003

When adding a new member in koha 1.2.3, the intranet
error log says that it can't set the timezone.

additionally, the marc import does something very
unusual.  It will sucessfully add a biblio record to
the system, but will not include an item.  I also
cannot delete the biblio item. 


if i then search for the item from the opac, this
corrects the error and links the bibliorecord and
biblio item correctly. I can then modify and delete
the biblio item and entire record successfully from
the intranet interface.  It's as if searching for the
item from OPAC fixes all of the problems caused by the
MARC import.

Part of this problem may be the version of
MARC::record; i will fix this tomorrow.  However I am
concerned that these errors with adding items and
members are closely related.

thanks for your time,

Brian Harmon

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