[Koha] Z3950 import / export

paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Mon Apr 7 20:28:12 NZST 2003

Michael Rudmin wrote:

>I'm on the Koha 1.9.0 system.  On both the import and
>export fields, there is a note on the web page that
>these things do not work.  
>Does anyone know if that is the case with the standard
>installation?  Or is that because I haven't installed
>some part yet [I have installed Net::z3950].  Or is
>the note wrong -- does it indeed work?
>[PS:  I'd like this to be on the QA mailing list, but
>I'm not aware of what that is, or if it even exists. 
>If anyone knows, please do let me know.  I will shift
>my questions over there, since I'm trying to be part
>of that effort.]
go to 1.9.1, read the release notes, the answer is there => z39.50 is 
NOT WORKING at the moment. doesn't depend on your installation.

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