[Koha] 4 Various Questions...

paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Mon Apr 7 20:25:30 NZST 2003

T & J Kotula wrote:

>I'm just about ready to start cataloging our church library (7000 books).
many christian libraries seems to be interested by koha.

>Currently I have V1.2.3 running, but before I'll get stuck into it, I
>thought of asking some questions (I'm a real beginner when it comes to Linux
>and the library stuff).
>1. How easy will it be to upgrade from V1.2.3 to V2.0. I guess what I'm
>trying to ask is whether databases will be compatible. I will NOT ask when
>V2.0 is going to be out :-)
I expect a simple script to run.

>2. What is the recommended book bar code numbering scheme and what is the
>formula to generate the sequnce.
i've added in 2.0 version a specific parameter "checkdigit", that will 
help to know how to check barcodes for borrowers.
In 1.2, katipo can answer ?

>After my very brief 'fiddle' with Koha I was wondering if there were plans
>to add a boolean expressions to the Z3950 search form.
The z39.50 will be completly new in 2.0 series.

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