[Koha] ding, ding, the bell rings... koha-1.9.1 is out

Michael Rudmin mike_rudmin at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 6 02:42:49 NZST 2003

Okay, a question for Paul, and then 2 other questions:

(1) What perl command do I use to find out what
version of  MARC::Record I have?  And how do I
reinstall the working version?

(2) I'm trying to get Koha working on my system, which
does not yet have a domain name, but will.  Right now,
I just have my own computer.  Anyhow, I installed it
with a domain name, but then couldn't test it, so I
reran #perl installer.pl.  I went back to
/etc/apache/httpd and removed the previous setup
information that was there, in order to eliminate
conflicts, but I still am not getting the intranet
page at all, and the OPAC system rejects any
user/password combo I enter.  Does anyone know what
files I have to delete before I rerun the installer
[also, as an aside, how do I remove MySQL databases?]

(3) Once I have Koha up and running, I'm going to have
a huge job in front of me, because I'm going to have
to write a different Marc record format.  Lithuania
has their own Marc Record system [search LIBIS], and
although I'm pretty sure I can access the specifics as
I need to, I'm betting that this is not Unimarc. 
Anyhow, should I install Unimarc first, to see how it
goes?  Or should I immediately start by selecting "no
format", and then start entering data?  And if the
second, where do I go from here?

> * koha does NOT work with MARC::Record 1.12. It
> works fine with MARC::Record 0.93, and maybe with

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