[Koha] Integrating Koha with a Wiondows application

Laurent saplairoles at telus.net
Fri Mar 14 21:22:10 NZDT 2003

Hello everyone on the list.

I am new to this list and new to Koha too and have a little question to ask...

My client is currently developping an application for the general management of an 
educational organisation (EO). The application is 2-tiered: Visual Basic front end and 
MS-SQL back end; it is however supposed to be able to interface wih other applications.

On the other hand, the EO is implementing a library under Koha, obviously running on a 
Linux box.

In order to fully integrate both applications, what would be the best way to link them? 
They will currently be made available on an intranet only but the library should 
eventually be accessible from the Internet.

Thank you all in advance for any input on how to make this possible.

Laurent Saplairoles
Here's my thought:
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