[Koha] he panui Koha (Mar 11, 2003)

Pat Eyler pate at eylerfamily.org
Thu Mar 13 06:16:33 NZDT 2003

			    he panui Koha
			    11 March 2003

it's time again for another of my slightly irregular newsletters.
There are a couple of things I'd like to let everyone know about
and this seems the best way to do it.  First, we've got a couple
of changes to the management group:

  - Ingrid Lacis has agreed to take on the role of QA/Testing for us.
  She'll be heading up an effort to create tests to help us develop a
  better, faster, more error-free Koha going forward.  Please join me
  in wishing her welcome and lending your support to this important

  - With his new job, Nicholas Rososco (who wears many hats for Koha)
  is going to be stepping down as the Translation Manager as soon as a
  suitable replacement is found.  Nick will continue on as our
  Documentation Manager.  If you're interested in getting deeply
  involved in the translation, localization, etc. effort, please drop
  me an email.

  - With the 2.0 series just around the corner, we're starting to talk
  about 2.1/2.2.  One of the key pieces of making this work is to have
  someone in the driver's seat.  Steve Tonnesen has graciously
  accepted this position.

Another important piece of the 2.1/2.2 puzzle is building a solid
vision for Koha's future.  One place I'd like this to happen is on the
koha2010 mailing list.  This list is intended to be a place where
non-technical discussion about features, enhancements, and the like
can occur.  As ideas take shape on this list, they can be moved over
to the koha-devel mailing list for technical discussion about how to
implement them.  More information about the mailinglist is available
from http://www.kohalabs.com/projects/koha2010/mail.html (including
subscription info).

On a different front, work is moving along on a Win32 Koha installer.
At this point you can get a working Koha system set up on a windows
system if you can get perl, apache, and mysql there.  A new version of
the installer may take care of these for you as well.

Paul is hard at work on the 2.0 series, and we hope to see a 1.9.1
release quite soon.  I've recently posted a request for developers to
help clean up the bug database at bugs.koha.org -- if you've noticed a
problem with Koha, please submit a bug report at that web page.  We'd
really like to get all of the bugs squashed. (BTW, one squashed and
one that seems to have been squashed already ... and in under 30

And, as one last request for this newsletter, If you're currently
using, migrating to, or testing Koha please add yourself to the koha
users list at http://www.saas.nsw.edu.au/wiki/index.php?page=KohaUsers
(editing this page is easy to do).  Getting the word out about Koha
means a wider pool of users and developers ... and a better Koha.


Pat Eyler
Kaitiaki/manager               migrant Linux sys admin
the Koha project               ruby, shell, and perl geek
http://www.koha.org            http://pate.eylerfamily.org

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