[Koha] Win 9.x/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP Build - Update

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at hardsoft.com.au
Fri Feb 28 23:15:39 NZDT 2003

Hi all

An update on the progress of a complete install package for windows.

I have now got Apache and MySQL into one package and installing onto windows system.

Installation places apps in the following directories

c:\Program Files\Apache\
c:\Progarm Files\MySQL\
c:\Program Files\Koha\

Appache web pages are server from 


What I now would like for anyone that has configured Appache for windows is a cample of the conf file for appache settings.  I would like to see how you have set this up to handle Opac etc.  If you are willing to share your config file with me please email it so I can have a look.

I am now working on setting MySQL up so the Koha Data can be held in the Koha directory.  This would give just one directory to back up all data.

I hope to release the Apache/MySQL version some time next week.

I look forward to any comment you may have.


Jeff Williams
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