[Koha] Windows installation

robweir at alum.drexel.edu robweir at alum.drexel.edu
Tue Feb 25 14:18:58 NZDT 2003

Hi Sandra:
Koha Windows files are currently posted at
http://www.kohalabs.com/resources/Win32/  But I'll warn you the files there
are now out of date. I've been working on a windows install for Koha V1.2.3
and hope to have it ready to post there by this weekend. Then I'll tackle an
install for the latest 1.9x release sometime next week. Each of the
downloads include basic instructions and a mailing list is available if you
need help.

The mailing list for questions related to installing Koha on the Windows
platform is koha-win32-request at lists.sourceforge.net

I hope you'll check back this weekend or early next week and give Koha a


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> I've been reading the manual on the web site and I can't find the
> information for installing to Windows.  Could someone point me there?
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