[Koha] preliminary info about Koha needed

Raj Shekhar lunatech3007 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 24 05:09:44 NZDT 2003

I have been asked by a small temple to automate the library system
their. The system they are currently using has been made by a total
dumb wit using MySQL as backend and VB for creating the frontend. THe
code and the database organization is so bad it can bring tears to
most stone hearted of the developers.

Anyways after doing some research on Freshmeat, I came across Koha
was struck by the elegance of the system. After I showed them Koha,
they were very willing to shift their whole system to GNU/Linux and
start using Koha. However as I do not know much about a Libray system
I wanted to clear a few doubts about Koha before moving the existing
system. If you can just point me the relevant web pages I will try to
work out the rest myself.

- Can the book numbers be generated by Koha? The librarian at the
  temple too has not much idea of managing the library, he is doing
  as a social service. The library has started only a few days back
  and they have not numbered the books. So they do not have any
  preferences as to which system is used to give numbers to the book.

- Some of the books have been donated. Can these be shown seperately
  when an inventory record is generate?

Thanks in advance.

Raj Shekhar

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