[Koha] Re: QA testing Koha

Pat Eyler pate at eylerfamily.org
Fri Feb 21 08:18:53 NZDT 2003

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, E. Naeher wrote:

> In your most recent Koha newsletter you mentioned that you are looking for
> Koha QA testers.  What's involved with this?  Would one have to run Koha in
> a real operating library environment, or just play with it locally and try
> to break it?  Tell me more.

Hi Eli,

This is a great question, so I'd like to answer it to a wider audience.

There are actually several levels of opportunity here.

The simplest (and least organized) would be to just play with a local
installation and try to break things then make bug reports at

The next step up would be to be an 'acceptance tester', basically this
means that you'd be following (and helping to develop) a testing 'script'
which you'd follow on each release candidate.  This work would be
coordinated by a single individual who would be responsible for letting us
turn a release candidate into a 'real' release.

On the development side, we also need experienced testers to help write
code level functional and unit tests for a 'regression test suite'.  The
plan is that this suite is run at least daily against the Koha code base
to ensure that we're not introducing new bugs, or re-opening old ones
while we make changes and additions to Koha.

We also need to find a single person who's interested (and capable) of
coordinating/managing all of these functions.  He or she doesn't need to
be a programmer, but it certainly wouldn't hurt.

I've had a couple of people contact me about various parts of this.  I'm
currently treading water ... I don't want to move too agressively until
we've got a QA manager in place.

I hope this answers your questions.


> Thanks,
> --Eli Naeher
>    Lower Cape Fear Historical Society

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