[Koha] Koha 1.2.3 installation

Philip Charles philipc at copyleft.co.nz
Wed Feb 19 13:16:58 NZDT 2003

I am taking a HDD to Christchurch (NZ) with Koha pre-installed this
weekend (Debian Sarge) to plug into a machine up there, Intel Pentium III,
600 mhz, 128 ram.  It will be serving a library of ~3000 volumes.  The
installation went well after I discovered that I needed to use port 8000
for OPAC.

There are some glitches I would like to iron out before I leave.

1.  Deleting a book entry.  The "Modify" and "Delete" buttons do not
work.  Is this a "feature" or have I done something wrong?

2.  Net::Z3950.  I got totally lost at http://www.indexdata.dk/yaz/, how
do I get the module?

3.  The present records are kept in a MS database and it would be helpful
if these could be transfered to the Koha mysql database.  Anyone got any
suggestions?  My thinking at the moment is to transfer each group (e.g
Authors) singly, but I do not know how to go about this.  I have never
used a sql DB before so I am on a sharp learning curve.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


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