[Koha] :-( and conclusion with cataloguing and acquisition thread

Micheas Herman micheas at freep.org
Sat Jan 25 06:39:34 NZDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-01-24 at 08:05, Owen Leonard wrote:
> > The 2.0 will include a full-templated koha. This means it will be 
> > possible (and not too hard) to add as many themes as needed. Thus, 
> > anybody could develop a xhtml theme, or even a full-xml theme, or 
> > anything else.
> Converting the current default opac templates to XHTML wouldn't be difficult at 
> all (particularly if Bobby gets his Tidy filter working).  However, the issue 
> may depend on your definition of XHTML--do you mean XHTML Transitional or 
> Strict?  Do you mean table-less layouts, full CSS positioning?
> I'm interested in developing both kinds of templates, but I'd like to hear more 
> about what users of internet-enabled phones require for compatibility.

        It has to be xhtml strict. for sprint phones in the USA, but
        some providers may allow you to use xhtml transitional.

> -- Owen
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