[Koha] some thoughts about cataloguing and acquisition (important)

Pat Eyler pate at eylerfamily.org
Fri Jan 24 05:32:28 NZDT 2003

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Christopher Hicks wrote:

> I'm sure the librarians are bored to tears by all of this by now

I think that Christopher has made a very important point here.  This is an
excellent conversation, and will be carefully weighed and measured by
folks doing active development work (mostly through benchmarking, as was
done during the 1.3 schema development).

I don't want to discourage anyone from discussing koha, but please let me
point out that there are several lists where conversations can (should) be

 koha (this list) - for discussion of Koha at (primarily) the library
level.  questions about how to get something installed or added are
certainly appropriate.

 koha-devel - here's where the developers hang out in all their geeky
glory.  discussions here should be about the nuts and bolts of getting
code improved, extended, fixed, etc.  this is a very tactical list

 koha2010 - here's the strategic list.  this is where we talk about
functionality in Koha, what's missing, what needs to be changed, etc.

 kohabiz - if you're interested in running a business around koha, this is
the place to exchange ideas, leads, and other such stuff.

 koha-win32 - if you're hoping to run koha on windows, you should be on
this list.  it's not for the faint of heart ...

 french koha list - this is a french language list, it serves the purposes
of all of the above (it may get split out into multiple lists as it grows
... )

 german koha list - like the french list, only in german

(If you think there should be list for your own language, please let us
know.  We're pretty happy to set up such lists and maintain them, given a
reasonable need.)

you can get more information (including subscription info) about these
lists at:  http://koha.org/mailing/


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