[Koha] Re: Problems modifying a new record

Jim Thomas jthomas at bittware.com
Thu Jan 16 07:04:10 NZDT 2003

"acli at ada.dhs.org via news-to-mail gateway" wrote:
> In article <3E2474B4.E05D744B at bittware.com>,
> Jim Thomas  <jthomas at bittware.com> wrote:
> >I used the marc lookup and imported the file for Charlie Horse/Mrs.
> >White's Secret Sock.  I modified the data before saving.  It set up the
>       ^
> >biblio for the book, plus my item number 5658.
> The book title has an apostrophe; this looks like Bug 148.
> Bug 148 is listed as affecting Koha 1.2.3, so 1.2.2 will
> be affected as well.

That sounds like it then.  Now that I know about it, we can avoid
apostrophe's in the future, or we can fix the bug (is there a patch?).

Is there a way to clean up the mess it made?

Thinking that apostophes are not that uncommon in book titles led me to
try this:
select title from biblio where title LIKE "%'%";

Which returned 112 rows.  Do I need to do something to fix them, or will
a patch address this?

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