[Koha] introduction

paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Wed Jan 15 22:24:11 NZDT 2003

Jeroen Baten a écrit:

>I recently joined the list and this is my small introduction:
>I run a small company focused on Linux and Open Source software.
Good thing :-)

>I evaluate OSS programs regularly and now find it's time to start supporting 
>Koha in the Netherlands. I have started the translation proces (1.3.3.) but 
>have some questions left:
very good thing too...

>-where do I sent the translations to?
you should subscribe koha-devel mailing list from sourceforge, then 
present yourself and tell us what's your sf id. Then pate will add you 
to the dev list, and you will be empowered with cvs access to commit nl 

>-Can you include me on your page with world-wide support organisations?
ok, we will do it when the 2.0 version in NL will be launched i propose.

>-is it not easier to just make a language file to be included in all programs. 
>This also makes to software better maintainable.
>(If this has been said a zilion times I am sorry).
We choose to use a templating system, for at least 2 reasons :
* this solves the problem of page encoding for "non 8859-1" languages.
* we can define theme, and have differents looks for a single language.

However, for very common terms, it's written somewhere in our plans to 
create a specific table to have a consistent translation.

>kind regards,
Paul POULAIN, koha 2.0 release manager
Consultant indépendant en logiciels libres
responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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