[Koha] Problems modifying a new record

Jim Thomas jthomas at bittware.com
Wed Jan 15 10:28:03 NZDT 2003

Chris Cormack wrote:
> Just a quick question, what version of koha are you running?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding so quickly.  We're running 1.2.2

> Whichever version it is, it sounds like there is definitely a bug in the
> modify biblio code, ill take a look but i wont to be looking at the right
> version :-)
> Oh and if you are poking around the DB, here is a diagram that may or may
> not help
> http://developer.koha.org/koha.png
> Specifically how the biblio/biblioitems and items fit together.
> Hope this is some help

I'm sure it will.  Thanks for the pointer.

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