[Koha] (Fwd) barcode blues!

paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Wed Jan 8 06:03:35 NZDT 2003

Rachel Hamilton-Williams a écrit:

>I don't think this got to the list - so if anyone can help ed out that would be 

>I am playing with a barcode reader and it is putting numbers into a text 
>file, it seems not to read the last digit of any of the ISBN numbers I 
>experiment with tough....
>Anyone have something like this?
>Thanks Ed Sharpe, Archivist for SMECC
>See the Museum's Web Site at
The last digit of an isbn is a check digit.
Your barcode reader is probably programmed to drop it before 
transmission to computer.
Most readers can be parametered to send or drop check-digits.

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