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Pat Eyler pate at eylerfamily.org
Wed Jan 1 14:23:26 NZDT 2003

Here's an interesting way to make Open Source a little bit more visible.
I think Koha would make a nice inclusion in Charles' list.  There are
probably other projects as well.  Maybe Charles would be willing to share
his list and letter for sending to other Governors (or whatever local
leaders you'd care to send things to.

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Subject: [Linux-pe]More on letter to Governor Warner

A thought has occurred to me: Accompany the letter to the governor that
I am composing with a compi;ation of short reports on open source
software that might be useful to state government. If we do it right, it
could amount a powerful statement. I will expand on this thought later
in this post.

There is a vast list of possibilities, of course. Citing too many would
be counterproductive but I have no feel for how many might be cited. It
wouldn't surprise me if there were as many as one hundred candidates for

What do I want? Send me up to a page about your candidate for inclusion
in the report. Say what it does. Give a URL. Say what the license is --
GPL. LGPL, BSD, whatever. Say a little about you or your orgsanization's
experience or what you know of someone's experience. Say how big it is.

I said earlier that this statement could become a powerful statement.
Here is what I had in mind: You might want to include your name and
title. If enough people sign on, it would amount to a way of saying that
we are serious people with a serious contribution to make. Our existence
would figure in his political calculus.

Let me hear from you.


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