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Thu Jul 18 04:13:26 NZST 2002

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 01:44, Jeff Williams wrote:
> Why not just strip any attachemnts from items posted to the list.  I cannot see the need
> for an attachment.
    because attachments are useful for debugging and adding
    Programmers that are not primary  developers email diffs all the
    This is something that makes life harder for everyone who doesn't
    use Microsoft products to get there work done, just so people can
    continue using Microsoft Outlook.

> I am happy for any solution.
> All should have uptodate AV Software.  If you dont have any AV software and want something
> good and free go to and download the free verson not the trial version.

    This is almost entirely an issue for users of Outlook, Outlook
    Express, and Eudora Email clients. 

> AVG Anti-Virus - Free Download Page
> 6.0 Free Edition. AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System - Trial Version. For ...
> - 11k - Cached - Similar pages
> [ More results from ]
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> Jeff Williams
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additionally The Idea of unsubscribing someone because they send an
email with a virus to the list sounds good.  The problem is how do you
know who sent the Email?  If a worm hits the net that forges the senders
email address using one of the addresses in the persons address book you
will more likely to unsubscribe one of the developers than the person
who is infected.

Other solutions that I have heard on other lists:
    Ban Outlook and Outlook Express from the list.
    Ban Outlook and Outlook Express from posting attachments.
    Ban people who are not subscribed to the list from posting.
    Moderate the list.
    Drop the discussion ignore the virii and get on with your life. 
    People who don't want there machine infected will use non MS
    clients. Those who don't care will use use MS clients.
    Discuss the topic ad nauseum every time a worm/virii hits.
    Scan the incoming list traffic for virii and then block those
    Black hole any email addresses that sends an inappropriate message.
    (including ones such as this one.)
    Bounce all email that's not plain text.
I'm sure that I've missed/forgotten some but you get the idea.  If you
want to keep a public list clean it requires someone making a special
effort and actively maintaining it. 

Whatever Rachel decides is of course what goes. It's hear list server
(as understand it.).

I suppose it's a matter of what complaints Rachel wants to listen to.

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