[Koha] biblio vs. biblioitems

Simon Blake simon at katipo.co.nz
Wed Dec 13 13:52:59 NZDT 2000

On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 12:13:02PM +1300, Rosalie Blake said:
> Hi again
> Chris has already answered, but I'll just add the rationale - which 
> was that biblio describes the intellectual property. So author title, 
> copyright date.
> Then any copies we have of this piece of copyright, whether a large 
> print edition, or a hardback or paperback is attached to the biblio 
> with the ISBN, publishing info, location in the biblioitem record. If 
> we've got two large print copies, they'll share one Biblioitem record, 
> and each copy will have its own item record.

At some stage after the table name was well buried in lines of code, we
decided that a better name for biblioitem would be "formats".  And you never
know, sometime in the future we may get around to a search and replace and
change it in the code.


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