[Koha] MARC Records

Chris Cormack chris at katipo.co.nz
Wed Dec 13 10:54:29 NZDT 2000

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Tonnesen Steve wrote:

> Obviously Koha doesn't have this complexity of subject headings, and
> probably doesn't need it, but I'm suspecting that we probably don't want
> to mix subject headings from different cataloging systems.  Any
> possibility of adding a field to bibliosubject to specify a subject
> heading system used?
Hmm yeah Ill have a think on this, so a field that might have say 650 in
it, to let the system no that if you are using marc thats the subject
heading you have used?

I guess leave it blank if you're not interested in marc?

> Also, should I be adding any subject headings gathered from MARC records
> to the catalogueentry table (which I assume is used to deter librarians
> from adding new, conflicting subject headings like "Cows" and "Bovines"). 
Actually the catalogueentry table is somewhat of a red herring.
The bibliosubject table is the authority table for subjects.
When a librarian is cataloguing any subject entered is checked against the
bibliosubject table, and a warning is made if the subject doesnt already
The librarians can then force the subject if they want to. Or choose a
more appropriate one.

With the addition of marc records the authority checking routine would
need some changing but not a huge amount i dont think.

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