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kaye.guidetti at wesley.com.au kaye.guidetti at wesley.com.au
Tue Nov 21 12:41:14 NZDT 2000

Thanks for your comments - I did not write the paper however. I sent it to
the list more in support of Koha which allows library users to use the one
piece of software - the browser - than for any other reason.

I didn't notice the bit in the conference paper about the casual user. I
assume by casual user you mean library borrowers. I can assure you that
most librarians do consider their borrowers/users, after all they are the
reason for our existence. Software that is easy to use, requires no extra
plug-ins or other software is important. If a library user cannot find what
he/she needs because the software is too hard to use or simply cannot be
accessed at all because they don't have some special piece of software they
are very likely to give up in disgust. At least most people who have a pc
and internet access or are hooked into a company intranet have a web
browser. This is the reason I think Koha is so good (although I admit I
haven't been allowed to trial it yet).  We currently use Inmagic
Dbtextworks which is a good database but not inuitive - the functions of
the toolbar buttons are not easy to remember, all users need some training,
and in order to provide users with access from outside the library we have
to provide run-time masters which must be constantly updated, purchase
licences for searchworks software (which is being phased out) or purchase
an expensive add on called webpublisher.

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