[Koha] Setting up printers etc.

Brad Joyce bradj at coffsccs.nsw.edu.au
Tue Nov 21 03:47:35 NZDT 2000

Got a few questions:

How to set up the printers in the circ program?

Also, how do you setup the Branch locations in the circ program?

Could I get some dummy data to play with and how to import it?

I would like to modify some of the spelling and other thngs that pertain to
NZ dollar actually the accounting side is not needed only the catalouge
info, could this be easily changed.

Some of the links dont work eg Number 1:
In aquisitions when you have added a 'dummy company' if you click on it it
goes to Supplier Search Results, Select the 'dummy comany', It goes to
Shopping Basket for 'dummy company', click on 'dummy company' and it
displays page not found.
eg Number 2:
In the aquesitions page after altering the Dollar valures the Save on the
Exchage rates does not work.
eg number 3:
In members, when you goto a members details, View accout and then tidy
details, it cant find the page koha.domain.name/cgi-bin/koha/tidyaccounts.pl

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