[Koha] More questions

Greg Banks gregbanks1 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 7 01:18:17 NZDT 2000

While these questions aren't really Koha related, I
thought I'd ask them here anyway. So, if I'm out of
line, please bear with me.

Does there exist an application that would allow a
library to match their records to the Library of
Congress (http://catalog.loc.gov) record? Let's say I
have a book called, "The boy wonder". It only has the
title, author, and publishing information. But, on the
Library of Congress, that same book has all sorts of
information which I want. Could I get it very easily
without having to key in all the extra information

Another question. Does there exist a utility that
analyzes data for invalid information and generates a
report? Only example I can think of where this would
be useful is when dealing with ISBNs.



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