[Koha] different user interfaces

Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Mon Sep 11 11:09:53 NZST 2000

> > It should be quite easy to get Koha supporting many dialects once you've 
> > finished, Koha in Klingon anyone?

> *) images presented in the UI are social constructs, for example visual 
> representations of people are strongly loaded in Maori culture (C.F. the 
> Goldie exhibition at Te Papa). So the images need to be internationalised too.

The images for the "inside" of the system are able to be switched at will - the 
main parts of the UI that make it "look" as it does are contained in Includes - 
so that the designers could play with them - rather than the programmers.

The front pages of the OPAC and Intranet are  "straight" HTML - so again 
they can be changed completely at the libraries discretion.  We aren't 
interested in creating "packaged" systems for different countries - but 
providing opprotunity for the libraries themselves to modify the system in a 
way that is appropriate to them.

Ditto for colours with tables etc. The submit buttons are just simple images 
that can be overwritten,
> *) appropriate colour schemes for presentation on the web is culturally 
> dependent (I can look up references for this if you like).

We designed the system so that each individual library could change colour 
schemes to reflect their own image and existing websites. We wouldn't 
"presume" to pick a colour scheme for all of Pakeha New Zealand - let alone 
other cultures.

> *) the structure of the presentation of information in the interface may be 
> culturally dependent (browse some Chinese or Asian language library sites and 
> you'll notice that the structure and layout is different).

I'm sure it would be - hmm I was kidding about wanting to take over the world 

> The way we solved these problems in greenstone is to define the ENTIRE UI in 
> terms of macros which can then be overridden on a collection or locale basis.

How hard is that to do? Does it restrict your design a great deal?  Is 
someone volunteering? 


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