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Mark Tearle mtearle at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Wed Sep 6 03:15:56 NZST 2000

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Chris Cormack wrote:

> > Are you also using the SLang Toolkit by Joey Hess (Term::Stool)?
> > When do you think you'll have your returns/issue converted over to slang
> > and have made another release/set up anon CVS?
> Yep, thats indeed what we are using. It has been pretty much all converted
> over it just needs some serious testing.
> The conversion only affects a small number of modules namely all those in
> Circulation/ and Circulation.pm itself. The rest of the modules have been untouched.
> Work had stalled for a little while, as I was away all last week, but I
> should be able to work some more on it this week.
> Im not entirely sure what I will do with Slang modified modules ... whether
> I fork the cvs tree, or give them new names and add them.
> I could tar them up and pop them on www.koha.org for download I guess, until
> they have been tested. Then if its all good they can replace the CDK based
> modules.

I'm not entirely sure what to suggest, ideally there should be a strong
separation between the modules that do the work and those that deal with
the interface.  For curiousitys sake, can you tell me more how the HLT have
Koha setup?

How split are you development/production environments?

> > My next major conumdrum is where to start working on Koha, any suggestions?
> > 
> I know Benedict from poland is very keen to work on localising koha. He has
> offered to write some locale files in polish. So that koha can be modified
> to uses locales::gettext.
> He's not a programmer tho, so he will need help on editing the perl scripts
> to use gettext. 

That shouldn't be two difficult, I'd be glad to help out here.  

(mental note for self: this'll be good for changing all the Aussie jokes to 
 New Zealander ones :) )

> Hmmm, there are also some bugs/glitches in acquisitions.
> One of the biggest being, the librarians often want to order some books
> with the same title but in a different format.
> Eg A video, a talking book and a paperback copy of the same title.
> The also might want each one of these to come out of a seperate bookfund.
> At the moment there is no easy way to do this, and they would have to place
> 3 separate orders.

I'll start having a closer look at that.

> Another section that needs work is what im calling a catalog maintenance
> section.
> So, somewhere you can go to edit/delete subject headings in the subject
> authority file. 
> Or edit the other authority files.
> Were you could tidy up mistakes easily, like merge two identical biblios.
> And anything else the librarians need :-)
> This may well fit into your goals below.
> If any of the areas I mentioned seem like a good place to start, let me know
> and we can work out a good way to go about it.
> There are also lots of other things to work on. So let me know what you think.
> Chris

All three sound good, where shall we start?

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Joann Ransom wrote:

> Hi Chris / Mark,
> My eyes lit up at the thought of a catalogue maintenance module being
> written!
> Mark - if you are interested in pursuing this I'd be very happy to write
> down the kind of things we would like to have included. We are cataloguing 
> all our acquisitions into koha which helps us identify glitch areas. 

> Also, I tend to get the problems resulting from imperfect cataloguing
> practices in our original system that have been discovered since being
> converted to koha.
> just sing out - Jo.
Fire away - it would probably have to be done eventually, if not for me,
but for any other programmer who wished to tackle that aspect of the code.

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