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Simon Blake simon at katipo.co.nz
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Hi Michael

On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 12:38:56AM -0400, Michael S. Williams said:
> Hello all,
>      As a small school district in the US we are very interested and
> excited about the work you have done and are doing. Our Media
> Specialists have proposed contracting  out the modifications to the
> software that they would like to have. (ie Barcodes/Readers, Data
> conversion, MARC records) . We are in the process of deciding  to either
> upgrade our current software (Follett's Unison) or  purchase another so
> the timing is pretty good.  Anyone interested?

Koha does barcodes, in the sense that keyboard wedge barcode scanners work a
treat.  We haven't needed to write any support for  other input devices, but
we'll cheerfully incorporate code from anybody who does.

> Also, have you considered putting this project up on Sourceforge ?

Not to any particular depth.  New Zealand is (quite literally) at the ends
of the earth, and Internet links out of here are slow and expensive (at
least in comparison to the mainland US).  So we'd be less keen on moving our
CVS tree out of town, since it would probably mean slower access for our
programmers.  Having said that, sourceforge has lots of neat resources, and
it would mean that we could cut down on our data transfer costs if the Koha
site gets busy.  So we may well look at using sourceforge in the future.


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