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Stuart A Yeates say1 at cs.waikato.ac.nz
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Hi all

Passing on some experience we had with greenstone:

My understanding is that z39.50 and MARC are quite closely tied, because in 
practise, z39.50 is a search interface which returns MARC records. You also 
need to be careful not to embed the meaning of different MARC fields too 
deeply into your implementation, because the of the USMARC/UKMARC issues.

> I had been thinking along the same lines regarding importing MARC records
> into the system.  Although I haven't gotten much beyond just thinking about
> it, it ought to be fairly easy, since there is at least one existing Perl
> module (Marc.pm) that can flip MARC records into a tagged text format, and
> vice versa.  With just a little bit of tweaking it ought to be possible to
> get that module to output MARC records in a format that is loadable to the
> appropriate tables in Koha.  The calling script could be extended with DBI
> functionality to go ahead and load the records, without having that be an
> extra step in the process.  In the same vein, exporting records from the
> Koha database and converting them into a MARC format should be fairly
> painless.
> Anyone game?  I'll start looking into myself, but if anyone else has ideas
> or suggestions along these lines, let us hear from you!
> Thanks a lot,
> Jeff Hall
> Technical Analyst
> VTLS Inc. Customer Services
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> > Hello,
> >     I am Michael Williams, Network Supervisor for Haywood County
> > Schools, located in North Carolina, USA. One of our Media Specialists
> > has pointed me to your site and is very excited about the software. We
> > are currently fighting an old DOS based system, trying to get it to run
> > on a linux server and she thought this might be a solution.
> >
> > Does this support importing MARC records, and has anyone converted to
> > this from an exsisting system.
> >
> > Michael
> >
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