[Koha] Intro

Rosalie Blake rosalie at levin.library.org.nz
Fri Aug 25 09:42:57 NZST 2000

Hello Michael,
We are the library that commissioned Koha, and we transferred, 
like you, from an old DOS system.
It does not currently support importing MARC records. I hope in the 
near future that someone will write that functionality for it, but right 
now, we've got other priorities.

Date sent:      	Thu, 24 Aug 2000 14:24:46 -0400
From:           	Michael Williams <michael at haywood.k12.nc.us>
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Subject:        	[Koha] Intro

> Hello,
>     I am Michael Williams, Network Supervisor for Haywood County
> Schools, located in North Carolina, USA. One of our Media Specialists
> has pointed me to your site and is very excited about the software. We
> are currently fighting an old DOS based system, trying to get it to run
> on a linux server and she thought this might be a solution.
> Does this support importing MARC records, and has anyone converted to
> this from an exsisting system.
> Michael
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