[Koha] hard coded paths in Output.pm

Taniel Kirikal taniel at colleduc.ee
Mon Aug 21 20:19:50 NZST 2000

"Matthew Kelly (CPL)" wrote:
> To get the whole thing to run I have done the following.
> Linux
> · Downloaded the following to  /usr/local/src/project
> · Data-Dumper-2_101_tar.gz
> · DBI-1.13.tar.gz
> · Msql-Mysql-modules-1_2209_tar.gz
> · MySQL-3.22.32-1.i386.rpm
> · MySQL-3_22_32-1_src.rpm
> · MySQL-bench-3.22.32-1.i386.rpm
> · MySQL-client-3.22.32-1.i386.rpm

You left out the CDK library and perl extensions which are needed for
When I installed the cdk perl extension, I got a lot of warnings but the
library program seems to work.
My system is running RedHat Linux 6.0. Has anybody else found similar

Taniel Kirikal

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